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Gynaecology & Obstetric Nursing

Obstetrical nursing also deals with the home care nursing care (midwipery). They are specializes in every aspect of women’s health issues. Not only it is also concerned with new born (neonatal) care. In a whole context promoting healthy mother and child.

Obstetrical nursing works in other setups like home care, clinical instructor in colleges, clinics, day-care centers as well.

Its a vast variety of gynaecological disorders and a complete study of anatomy of female reproductive system.

The basic Duties of an obtentrical nurse in whichever are he/she is working is to:

  • Assess the patient completely.
  • Build a thenaeutic relation
  • Assist in annual checkups or follow ups care.
  • Acknowledge about the nutritional needs on daily Basis.
  • Acknowledge about the birth control methods.
  • Promote Health Talks on community basis.
  • Assist in surgical Procedures with the obstetrician.
  • Teach about safe motherhood.
  • Build a healthy mother and child bond.
  • Immunization of child.



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