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Pediatric Nursing Department

Child health nursing or Pediatric nursing is the science of child care and scientific treatment of childhood. This department of Indo American college of nursing deals with the care of children from conception to adolesence in health care.

Pediatric nursing job duties may include administering medications, placing intravenous(iV) lines on patients and administening other kinds of therapies as well.

Other includes:

  • Conducting Physicals
  • Child immunizations
  • Screening for disease
  • Diagnosis illnesses
  • Prescribing Medications.

Pediatric Nursing is mainly concerned with the following Goals:

  • Normalize the life of the child
  • Faster maximal growth and development.
  • Develop realistic & functional home care plans.

It Further also include

  • Prental Visitation
  • Intancy nursing care
  • Community child health
  • Public health cdusse relationships in child health nurse.

Child health nursing also focus on child psychology related to common behavioral disorder like school phobia, conversation neurosis, autism, anxiety neurosis & other) also with social problems in children (like speech disorder, finger seeking, sleep walking, stealing, masterbation, stammering etc.)

Pediatric also plays a crucial role in dealing with handicapped children, orphanges; As well as works for welfare of children (esp mentally & physically challenged)

Pediatric nurse works in different areas such as CGC (child guidance clinics), children welfare secience, clinics, health camps, immunization camps, child nursing services, clinical instructor as well.

Prime Duties of a Pediatric nurse are as follows:

  • Build a healthy mother child bond.
  • home care for newborns.
  • teach about immunization of newborn.
  • Nutritional needs
  • Nursing care of neonate (at hospital or home)
  • Promote child welfare service.



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