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Pediatric Nursing Lab

Pediatric Nursing – caring for children (1-18 Yrs.) has always been challenging but has become increasingly more complex as the 21 st Century marches on. The pediatric lab contains models related to congenital anomalies of newborn, pediatric cots, newborn intubations models, play materials according to age wise, pediatric dummies and growth & development charts. The charts give the picture & description of major developmental milestones and characteristics of newborn toddler, preschooler, school-age child, adolescent. Health promotion strategies charts which say about height & Weight sleep, rest , activities, dental health, safety & injury prevention are also placed in the pediatric lab. By providing separate lab for pediatric nursing we try to impart the knowledge of “atramautic care” which emphasizes the care that minimizes or eliminates physical & psychological distress for children & their families in the health care environment. Our lab helps to develop professional pediatric nurse who takes responsibilities for providing tender loving &holistic health care to the children and families.

Community Health Nursing Lab

Community Health Nursing Lab is equipped sophistically Containing verity of models, models community bags, charts etc as per requirement of Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi. The Students Nurses get community training under the charge of experianced professors posted in CHC Koti Sekhon, PHC Jalabad, PHC Landaka, Villages adopted by Indo American College are : Landaka, lohara, Genera, fatehgarh korotona and these villages are disease free villages, not only this Indo American College has urbon center in Moga District.

Indo American aim is:

  • Prevent Disease
  • Promote health
  • Be hralth consious

Along with this Indo American College of Nursing doctors and staff is conducting free medical camps in these villages regularly,  so students of Indo American College of Nursing are learning community health knowledge by moving in the community

Nutrition Lab

Food and nutrition are important for human being during health and disease. Our lab is designed to provide the beginning student with the knowledge of the fundamentals of nutrition related to the promotion and maintenance of optimal health by stressing the practical application of theoretical knowledge. We have equipped laboratory with all utensils, cookers, cutleries, dining sets & glasses, gas cylinders, gas stoves, washing facilities, refrigerators, micro-wave oven, mixer , grinder and groceries that enriches teaching and demonstrating the student nurses to learn the nutritional requirements and preparation of food according to caloric values. It provides opportunities to the student nurses to get learning experiences in challanging situation at first hand and further to translate theory into practice to develop & apply principles to learn methods of cooking. This lab helps to follow simulated teaching technique where theory & practice can be combined.

Micro Biology & Biochemistry Lab

Microbiology is the study of Micro organisms and it helps to the nursing students for early identification of diseases by doing various diagnostic measures and thereby prevention of diseases and proper utilization of treatment modalities. The through knowledge of Microbiology is essential to every health care worker due to lab diagnostic of infectious diseases, revolution of vaccine production with development of recombinant DNA technology, polymerase chain reaction, nucleic acid probes, radio immuno assay and ELIZA. Biochemistry is perhaps the most fascination subject and it deals with the chemical language of life be it, human, animal, plants or micro organism. The lab is set-up on the basis of educational technique (i.e.) Laboratory Methods in which the term is applied originally to the workroom of the Chemist, a place devoted to the experimental study to testing, analyzing, preparing various chemical materials. To implement the Dewey’s philosophy of learning by doing in our Micro Biology & Biochemistry lab, we have equipped the lab with all the chemical solutions , microscopes, test tubes, purettes conical flasks, washing brushes and running water facility. We also possess all the slides which show different types of morphology of pathogens for visualization and to acquire acknowledge by the students.

Obstetric & Gynecological nursing lab

In the world mothers and children constitute a priority group. In sheer members they comprise approximately 70% of the population by the developing countries. Nursing care is changing to single room maternity care in which women labors, gives birth and recover in the same room (LDR-Labor-Delivery-Recovery) ,(LDRP- Labor-Delivery-Recovery-Postpartum) and couplet or mother-baby care. So the nurse must have thorough knowledge about Obstetrics and Gynecology which deals with the pregnancy, delivery and reproductive system diseases and disorder and practical skills for rendering care to the client. Our Obstetric & Gynecology (OBG) lab is furnished with all the necessary and needed instruments which enhance the practical knowledge & skill of students. Our lab is equipped not only with delivery kits ,delivery table, delivery dummy, obstetrical instruments like different vaginal speculums, outlet & inlet forceps, vulsullem uterine sound, currettes, Dilatation & Curettage sets, venthose set and ultrasonic doppler for fetal monitoring, but also with cross sectioning of female & male reproductive system models. various malposition & malpresentations of labour models & charts. Technologic explosion has made the present obstetric knowledge & practice significantly different compared to the past but our OBG lab is equipped & updated along with modern obstetrics.

Anatomy & Physiology Lab

Anatomy & Physiology encompasses a body of knowledge that is large & complex. Students are provided an opportunity of knowing and understanding a multitude of individual structure and function in real situation. Our lab has been designed in such a way that the students can acquire a taste for knowledge about the wonders of the human body. Concrete experience helps to combat the tendency of abstractness. So we have set up the anatomy lab with full of models, female & male torso, male & female skeletons, loose bones of human being (male& female), pediatric skeleton, charts of all human body system and human organ specimens . They help to illustrate the anatomical view of the human body. Our anatomy lab helps to make learning more meaningful & permanent by providing a concrete basis for conceptual thinking by its contents of Models & Specimens.

Audio Visual Aids Lab.

Audio-Visual aids are instructional devices in which the Instructional message can be heared as well as seen. It provides dynamic learning experience and makes it more concrete, realistic, clear. It establishes co-relation and co-ordination of various concepts in respect of their interpretations and appreciation. It gives incentive to the students to make learning effective , interesting, inspirational , meaningful and vivid. We have audio-visual aids lab which has the capacity of 50 seats. The available materials in our lab are television, Over-Head projector, LCD projector, tape recorder, DVD player and opaque projector for explicating & increasing the meaningfulness of abstract concepts. They provide significant gains in informational learning, retention, recall, thinking and reasoning activities, interest, imagination, better assimilation and personal growth and development.

Nursing Foundation Lab.

The role of the nurse includes assuming the lead in preserving nursing practice and demonstrating its contribution to the health care of our nation. More importantly, nurses require the ability to know how to apply best evidence in practice to ensure the best out comes for their clients. As a caregiver the nurse needs to meet all health care needs of the client, including measures to restore emotional, spiritual & social well- being.

“No amount of verbal description can set forth adequately the visual appearance of an equipment so that the students can comprehend what it looks like” Chinese proverb says,

“If I hear, I forget

If I see, I remember

If I do, I know”

Biggest lab in north equipped with 14 beds and 14 Dummies. By having this thought in the mind ,we set-up the nursing fundamental lab of nursing which cover 2500 Sq.ft and it is equipped with all modernized equipments like CPR Manikin, adjustable cots, electro blood pressure monitors etc. It has both surgical & non –surgical instruments which provides stimulus to the students to practise and demonstrate the Nursing procedures in a real set-up. This lab helps teachers to demonstrate various basic procedures like bed making, sponging, mouth care, which are related to personal Hygiene for human well-being as well as advanced techniques like Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Nebulization, Cardiac signs monitoring for life saving practice.

Medical surgical lab

Adult health is otherwise known as medical and surgical department more attached with medical and surgical fab. Which provides the main concern about he diagnosis of any disease early diagnosis clease or care the disease. There are so many articles to do diagnosis by physical assessment, the quality care will be provided with our quality instruments and practice in adult health warsing. Those are quality the dummies for all practice like making I.M., I.V, injections, providing medications feeding like nasogastric, hejunastomy, gastostomy feedings, care like colostomy, catheter care and sectioning with control supply of section. O2 administration, Indo American college of nursing provide teaching and demonstrate with the above instruments care of ampition patiens, how to ambulate the patient after surgery , regarding real diagnosis we have an excellent ranak deparment and instruments care of patient with ab emergency care by cardiopelmay resuscitation.



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