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“A LITTLE” Progress everyday adds up to ”BIG” Results”

In our students made incredible leaps in their learning and our researchers made new contributions to knowledge.We paved the way for new academic programs while finding better ways to support those students needing an extra boost. We also focused our attention on planning.

Within last decade, it is worth reflecting on how much things have changed since the days when IACN was a tiny local collage with fewer students and professors. From those modest roots, we are now a dynamic national institution, as renowned for our exceptional student learning experience as we are for our prominence as one of India”s leading research intensive institutes. It is a thrill and great pleasure to see our successes charted in this website.

Though we are proud of our many successes, we cannot be satisfied by simply resting on our laurels. Indeed, it is our mission to strive higher, no matter how many goals we reach along the way. This true and indefatiagble spirit of lifelong progress runs through the very core of our Collage.

“Far from what we once were, but not yet what we are going to be”



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