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Our Teacher

Vice Principal

Dear students,

Indo American college of Nursing is synonymous with excellence in the field of Nursing education, training and research .The main focus of the college is to produce competent professionals and cultivate the talented individuals to build up their career. The driving force in developing these knowledgeable and learned professionals, needless to say, is imparting newer knowledge and practical training in Nursing. I would particularly like for students who have their hearts set on learning, as well as young researchers, to experience the excitement and joy of knowledge. I want them to use that experience as a source of intellectual nourishment that reinforces within them the willingness to grow significantly.

Nursing’s strengths include a large group of committed alumni (>3000) and friends. These individuals share their life experiences with students and motivate them. I believe that to have the Indo American College of Nursing Moga serve as a place for these experiences would not only meet the expectations of the public who have entrusted the college with their support but also contribute to human society as a whole. The Faculty of Nursing has a long tradition of excellence in Nursing, education, and research. Our outstanding faculty prepares students for a future that will advance the practice of Nursing.



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